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Author: John Walker

  • If you could be part of any world record, what would it be?

    This Icebreaker is from Rob Walker, TAoN. I think I will use this in class, especially with the 2nd big summer heat wave upon us. The back story: Mallory says she was talking to friends about the recent record-breaking temperatures in Canada — presumably a record most of us would prefer not to be part…

  • Moodle with a Beginner’s Mind

    It is summer now, the year is behind me. I am a survivor and it is a thing to be proud of. Someone told me this and it rings true and frees me from my own ruminations about the nature of self. The summer is to reset, from the pandemic, and a brutal year. When…

  • Help Students Discover Issues That Matter to Them

    NYTimes.com posted 300 Questions and Images to Inspire Argument Writing, https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/01/learning/300-questions-and-images-to-inspire-argument-writing.html, and having used a few of the prompts I find them intriguing. Complex to work on in this pandemic, teaching virtual environment, but worthwhile to consider.

  • COVID Teaching

    A number of the points in 8 Strategies to Prevent Teaching Burnout resonated. Worth revisiting for strategies and self-review of practice.

  • The Price of College

    Disclaimer: I really liked the 40 Colleges That Changed Lives and it seems to have stood my own children in good stead. This one, also from the NYTimes takes a different take on it but even the quick blurb of look at the costs differences in schools makes one realize that the decision needs care.…