Google Apps Script is Another Reason to Learn Javascript with CodeYear

  Automate tasks across Google Products

Scripts that are easy to build and fast to run






Google Apps Script is a JavaScript cloud scripting language that provides easy ways to automate tasks across Google products and third party services.

With Google Apps Script you can:

  • Automate repetitive business processes (e.g. expense approvals, time-sheet tracking, ticket management, order fulfillment, and much more)
  • Link Google products with third party services (e.g. send custom emails and a calendar invitation to a list from a MySQL database)
  • Create custom spreadsheet functions
  • New! Build and collect user inputs through rich graphics interfaces and menus (e.g. a company could power an internal application for purchasing office supplies where users could shop via a customized menu interface)

Snow Day: Working on CodeYear from Codecademy

Interesting that yesterday Codecademy announced Code Year Meetups for those struggling to keep up.  The future of education is being shaped by those exploring today.  So, while I am stuck at home on a snow day I am off to work on this week’s lessons.

Codecademy is taking its classes to the classrooms. This morning press and public have their eyes on the White House and Codeacademys’ announcement: a partnership to teach programming skills to underprivileged youth. But we feel it’s important to highlight another new move: Code Year Meetups.
Connecting online education tools to offline communities speaks to a larger trend—a growing value for face-to-face interaction. We invest in technologies that connect people online, but the hope is that these connections will improve our quality of life offline. SkillshareTaskRabbit and Kickstarter all illustrate this goal. Collaborative Fund is excited to see how solid curriculum and physical teamwork will influence people as they learn skills like programming that have great implications for the future of education and our economy.