Adolescent Development

I recently attended a well run Professional Development day for CTE teachers within my school district. While everything we did is student focused and data driven, it struck me that we were no longer considering developmental levels, what can be or should be accomplished at each level. Instead we are driven to have every student […]

One Thing I Want My Students To Say

I saw this here.  I don’t believe all of this is critical thinking, nor is all of it difficult; however, it certainly does begin to overwhelm me a little, would it be #edushame continued from Educators who no longer are in a classroom?  I am beginning to think about this topic.  But when I look […]

Writing Learning Outcomes

I was reviewing learning outcomes as I am targeting using them more and more for classes. I ran across this key tip while reviewing another great packt publishing book: Moodle Course Design Best Practices.  Look for it to be published soon a verb and an impact (“in order to”) phrase.