Fostering Tech Talent in Schools

I have included a reprint from the NYTimes this morning.  While the effort is absolutely laudable and worthy, I wonder, in the time I move from the washroom to my classroom, if there is a lack of clarity as to why this might occur, the need to have extra assistance. 

I vacuumed my room this morning, responded as best I could to parent emails, have setup my Moodle course agendas with Learning Goals for the day, and grading, always grading, despite being over 300 marks behind.  I updated my servers over the weekend, and still can’t figure out a few technical glitches from last week.

I will, in the time allowed, work to the best of my capability to inspire and challenge students, keeping in mind all of the things a guest instructor may be able to push aside.  And in my spare time I will continue to attempt to get my high school to approved a computer science course and to let me teach even the basic courses in my department to engage students. 


Stuart Isett for The New York Times

“We are taking the kids farther than I could do,” said Michael Braun, a teacher who is working with the Microsoft volunteers.

Published: September 30, 2012 41 Comments