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Replacing A Teacher with A Robot

I am attending the Oregon Association for career and Technical Education (OACTE) Spring Conference and I wondered if I could rent a robot to give me a virtual telepresence.

OB-SD726_0305te_D_20120309164600You can rent one for weddings.






I imagine my thinking was based on this episode of The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon as a Robot

What really inspired me was the recent article about Evernote CEO Checks In On Employees By Using A Six-Foot-Tall Robot and I thought, I am attending the OACTE conference and why couldn’t I replace myself with a robot like this one.


So I went to the AnyBot site and found that I began to wonder why I couldn’t purchase one and use it to actually teach my students from remote.  It is affordable, so affordable I could rent it to other teachers.

I did have a student say they saw one in use in a hospital so the Doctor could make their rounds.

I think it is the wave of teaching in the future.

How do you KNOW if it is a great idea?

Ask students.

What do you think of your teacher being replaced with a robot?