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Reasons to Teach Computer Science to Every Student

Because when they are in court they can either look like they possess a High School education or not.  The judge got one, Oracle’s attorney didn’t even get the respect from Oracle’s programmers to explain how code works.  From Slashdot:

"One month into the Oracle v Google trial, Judge William Alsup has revealed that he has, and still does, write code. Will this affect the outcome? I think so! After trying to establish that the nine lines in rangeCheck that were copied saved Google time in getting Android to market the lawyer making the case is interrupted by the judge which indicates he at least does understand how straightforward it would be to program rangeCheck from scratch: ‘rangeCheck! All it does is make sure the numbers you’re inputting are within a range, and gives them some sort of exceptional treatment. That witness, when he said a high school student could do it — ‘ And the lawyer reveals he doesn’t: ‘I’m not an expert on Java — this is my second case on Java, but I’m not an expert, and I probably couldn’t program that in six months.’ Perhaps every judge should be a coding judge — it must make the law seem a lot simpler…"