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Hour of Code

We did this is all of my classes and I was impressed with what the students accomplished.  I hope to make this approach, and these tools, a regular class activity to direct students to learn something about Computer Science.  

Thank you for supporting computer science and making the Hour of Code an amazing success. In 2 weeks, 20 million students worldwide learned an Hour of Code, including 1 in 4 U.S. students, and half were girls! Have you tried it?

I’m humbled and overwhelmed by the response we’re getting:

  • “Best educational product I’ve ever come across” (adult)
  • “One of the two best things that happened in 2013” (7-year-old)
  • “I have NEVER, EVER seen my students so excited about learning” (teacher)

Before New Year’s
As you relax and gather with family over the holidays, challenge yourself to try an Hour of Code before the new year. Learn the basics, or help your children. And start your new year knowing more computer science than you do today. It’s foundational knowledge for everyone in the 21st century.

Anybody can learn. Start

Since last week, the biggest question we’re hearing from participants is, “what can I do now?”

Here are a few ways to keep learning and supporting computer science:

1) Tell Congress that you support the Computer Science Education Act
It will make a big difference in giving students access to computer science in U.S. schools. Ask your representatives to support it too, here.

2) Keep learning (for yourself or your child)
Find local schools, camps, or workshops that teach coding.
Or learn online.

3) Ask your local school to teach computer science
Your schools can teach this self-serve intro course, partner with us to bring computer science to your entire district.

4) Donate money or time
We’re a very lean and mean organization, and we appreciate your help.

5) Wear Code.org shirts and hats
5% of your purchase will be donated to Code.org.

Thank you for helping us make history.

Hadi Partovi, Founder, Code.org


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