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Thoughtful Footprint 2016

My Computer Applications class in Fall of 2016 is working on a project call Thoughtful Footprints: a leap of faith every single year.  It teaches the students how to contribute to the entire world and make a positive impact; a thoughtful footprint.  It does this by improving Google Maps and Places.

It is a focus on success not limitations.  The start always involves a roll of eyes, so hard, too hard, and ends with amazement.  Today, on Day 2, a young man finally was cajoled, pushed, challenged, supported, until he came up with a change he could make.  He added the new not-even-opened-yet Under Armour HQ to Google and earned the “Approved” letter to go with it.  He learned how to demonstrate evidence and propose to an external entity.

The cool part is his Dad’s firm was involved in this redesign and his Dad goes to this site, and they didn’t put it on Google Maps, the young freshman did.  So next time his Dad enters Google Maps for navigation it will now route him there. 

The young man seemed more engaged today. 

Under Armour