Travel Pictures on Google Maps

Take time this summer to publish travel pictures on Google Maps.  It will set up an initial class discussion for the Fall on Google Maps, Analytics, Photos, Design.  You may need a few tries to get one to be successful.  KEEP IT GOING!

I took a second and was demonstrating how much a picture makes a difference, and how easy it is to take a good picture that connects one with a business in the tone that a customer sees.  I improved the pictures of an absolutely great coffee place, Noble Coffee Roasting, in one of my Favorite cities: Ashland, OR.  In the end, the metrics demonstrate that it resonates with folks and shares what I feel about the location.

Put yours up and see if you can capture what it is you like about a spot and others will click on to see from a thumbnail.

Your photos reached a new record on Google

Your photos reached a new record on Google (1)

3 real web analytics solutions to secondary school problems

Do you know what digital analytics can do for you, your stakeholders, your visitors or your institution?

HIgher Ed Analytics ConferenceThere is so (too?) much you need to know to understand what digital analytics can do…

In education, we can’t spend days working on analytics, so here is a quick list of 3 practical things that can be done with the help of digital analytics.

1) Integrated tracking plan to know which communication campaigns really work

Implement a comprehensive campaign tracking plan to identify which social ads perform better than the others or which search keyword ads should NOT be discontinued despite apparently low click through rates. By segmenting campaign traffic, you can find out very easily what the visitors brought by a given campaign do on your website. Relying on the same segmentation techniques, you can make recommendations to her stakeholders using email newsletters or email marketing messages. You will be able to assess the performance of the email lists used for these messages as well, going so much further than the regular open and click-through rates.

2) Event tracking to evaluate the life cycle of a homepage news story

Since your homepage redesign launched last month, last year, you will be able to learn more about the life cycle of the news stories featured on the homepage slider. This wasn’t possible until the implementation of Google Analytics event tracking on the website as all these news stories were part of a single page. Now that the feature is set across the site, it’s very easy to know how many visitors interact with a given story. When activity decreases, you know it’s time for fresh stories.

3) Analytics profiling to learn more about the stealth prospective students of a given academic program

You can use search and web traffic data to learn more (demographics, location, devices, etc.) about the web visitors interested in the a particular academic programs offered at your school. This analytics profiling has provided very useful insights to better target initiatives to market specific programs.


This article derived from CollegeWebEditor for use in my school.