Hacktoberfest 2017

I had my IB students sign up for Hacktoberfest which is open to everyone in the global community! The learning target was to learn how to participate in the global open source software development community. Seen here, the first student with a shirt awarded for making four pull requests between October 1–31 in any timezone. […]

Students: Get Free Developer Tools Through GitHub

It pays to be a student. via readwrite Hacking new technologies can be time-consuming … and expensive. So to help students create technical projects or learn how to use new tools, social coding site GitHub and a handful of technology partners have created theGitHub Student Developer Pack that provides access to 14 developer tools for […]

Reasons You Should Know a Little HTML and CSS

From MakeUseOf, stored for class IMAGE: COLIN/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS You’ve heard over and over that everyone should learn to code. Alright already! But as a student going into a not tech field, why in the world should you get into coding? Even a little knowledge of HTML and CSS can make a big difference in your […]