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  • What to cover in class: Apps or PWA?

    I found this article describing a portion of one side of the argument, app or not, which may well suggest an answer the question of where to spend out time in CS here.  Read the full article and the comments on Medium.  The author is not without an unbiased view point, consider what this might…

  • Best Study Apps, Tools, Tips and Techniques

    When it’s time to buckle down and study, technology can either be a help or a hindrance but investing in the right tools will go a long way towards ensuring that you stay motivated, don’t get distracted and your productivity is boosted. The following 20 apps and gadgets will help you with everything from writing…

  • Moodle Mobile 1.5 is Out

    And it works with my class Moodle #Moodle Mobile 1.5 is now available on Google Play with new features and improvements: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=264282

  • Building a More Modern Course

    I came across this article Building An App In 45 Minutes With Meteor By Sacha Greif and I can’t help but wonder about using it in a class this year.  Why not?  Indeed.  Please read the original post, much better conversation, links, serendipitous continuity.  I have captured the article below as I want to use…