Building a More Modern Course

I came across this article Building An App In 45 Minutes With Meteor By Sacha Greif and I can’t help but wonder about using it in a class this year.  Why not?  Indeed. 

Please read the original post, much better conversation, links, serendipitous continuity.  I have captured the article below as I want to [...]

Ladies Learning Code

From this article at ReadWriteWeb on the Ladies Learning Code team come the story of them starting HackerYou and pursing other opportunities for women to learn to code and not in a University setting.  Read the article, it is an interesting team of women tackling a difficult problem.

A university alternative

As to the need [...]

I want Pi for my School

The Raspberry Pi Foundation

Before we get into the nitty gritty of hardware, software and what will be possible once the Raspberry Pi (RasPi for short) is finally released it’s important to take a look at the project’s roots. RasPi was initially devised by Eben Upton in 2006 who saw a decline in computer science [...]

New Programs for Computer Science and Information Technology

This article was in the NYTimes this morning and it was an affirmation of the direction I am putting in place for my school.

New Programs Aim to Lure Young Into Digital Jobs

Jodi Hilton for The New York Times

Dr. John Halamka today is the chief information officer at the Harvard Medical School.