How to Use Box.Net with Windows Explorer

Like so many I began using Box.Net along with other cloud services.  Recently I ran across this article on How To Upload Files To The Awesome Box.Net Directly from Windows Explorer from MakeUseOf.  For those who use WebDAV this is a very nice shortcut to using Box.Net without having to make life complicated with a Web Based Interface.  This is going to bring me back to using on a more regular basis as it makes it affordable.

Moving Files to The Cloud

It is the time of year when the “lists” come out, what you should have done in 2010, what you should do in 2011, top technologies, and on and on.  I am reminded that all too often the trick to the lists isn’t doing everything, but selecting ONE action that one can take that deep down solves an immediate problem, allows for a change in direction, and is interesting to YOU.

My choice was to move my storage to the cloud as much as possible.  I have been using Dropbox and loving it for over a year now, but finally moved all of my Documents and Photos up to the service and have setup Selective Download folders for my school machines to that personal material is not placed on those machines.