Updated Microsoft Photosynth

From the NYTIMES, this is a partial reprint to update the local knowledgebase of understanding, for the complete article, full pictures, comments and all the useful items head over to the full article on NYTimes.com Updated Microsoft Photosynth Makes HDTV Look Low-Resolution, the pictures are amazing.

Microsoft’s latest update to Photosynth, a  technology that stitches [...]

Are We Still Teachers?

The next collaborative project between English and Information Technology is going to be this project from the NYTimes Learning Network: Student Contest | 15-Second Vocabulary Videos If we can fit this into CCSS, the deliverology we are mandated, collection of Data Team results, statistics for evaluations, new systems implementation, and everything else required this year. [...]

NYTimes: It’s My Birthday Too, Yeah


I was explaining to my class the other day that given our class sizes it is better than 50-50 that two students have the same birthday.

But hard to explain.

So I give them this article.

Article below By STEVEN STROGATZ

Me, Myself and Math, a six-part series by Steven Strogatz, looks at [...]

Fostering Tech Talent in Schools

I have included a reprint from the NYTimes this morning.  While the effort is absolutely laudable and worthy, I wonder, in the time I move from the washroom to my classroom, if there is a lack of clarity as to why this might occur, the need to have extra assistance. 

I vacuumed my room [...]

Boosting Mental Fitness in Middle Age

A repost from the NYTimes, just food for thought today.


Margaret Riegel

Research shows that education is an essential element to keeping the brain fit as it ages, an issue explored by the New York Times reporter Patricia Cohen in the latest issue of Education Life.

For those in midlife [...]