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  • COVID Teaching

    A number of the points in 8 Strategies to Prevent Teaching Burnout resonated. Worth revisiting for strategies and self-review of practice.

  • On the Value of Learning About Your Students

    I was reading What I Am Learning About My Students During an Impossible Semester by Jim Lang after searching for a value related assignment to restart my classes as we go back to work online while @home during the COVID19 #StayHomeSaveLives event. It was worth reading before I get going today, frames how I want…

  • Free Online Programming & Computer Science Courses You Can Start in April

    Dhawal Shah, founder of Class Central compiled this list of over 515 such free online courses that you can start this month. For this, he leveraged Class Central’s database of over 7,000 courses.  https://medium.freecodecamp.com/515-free-online-programming-computer-science-courses-you-can-start-in-april-8b0ce1817d61 Class-central’s landing page. These courses are sorted based on their difficulty level: Beginner Intermediate Advanced Many of these courses are completely…

  • Introducing an on-demand course in GitHub basics

    from GitHub If you’d like to start using GitHub or just see what it’s all about, we’re kicking off a new way for you to learn the basics. Introduction to GitHub is a self-paced, online class designed to help you: Get started using GitHub.com in 30 minutes or less. Make new friends while collaborating on…