Teaching and Learning with Moodle

From by Helen Foster – Friday, 19 March 2010, 09:39 PM

I’m pleased to announce a new course on – Teaching and Learning with Moodle!

According to Tomaz Lasic, Moodle HQ’s Education Researcher, in his welcome message,

The main aims of the space are to:

  • provide a clear, synthesised and relatively gentle ‘intro to Moodle’ to new users in education and training environments
  • serve as an organised point for great ideas and resources for new and experienced users alike
  • become a generator and repository of Moodle-related (in)formal research in the use and design of Moodle

Be sure to check out Moodle recipes for educators – a community cookbook! for ideas on using Moodle in education, and feel free to add your own!


Moodle Lesson Plan on Personas

Talk about a great Moodle lesson plan on Firefox Personas.  It was originally done by Brad Cook, Graphics teacher at Gresham High School.  Contact me and I can send you the Moodle lesson to import if you want.