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Lego online game – Robohunter II

Spy City is the latest online adventure game from LEGO® MINDSTORMS™. The game uses Shockwave™ 3-D technology and was developed and produced by Templar in cooperation with LEGO, Intel® and Macromedia®.

You take control of the Shadow, a sleek LEGO MINDSTORMS robot equipped with a Vision Command camera. Your mission: catch a notorious cat burglar as he (or she) tries one last heist in the spy-infested city of Telgrad. Guide your robotic spy through the maze of the city streets to follow, track, observe and even record a variety of spies and other underworld figures to uncover the elusive thief. Get all the clues you can and, if you are careful, victory can be yours. However, you must be discreet in your mission; if you are spotted by the other spies, you will be destroyed!


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