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We Want to See What’s In Your Pockets

We Want to See What’s In Your Pockets

You showed us your go bags,
and frankly, they were fantastic. But many of you pointed out that the
whole go bag business seemed overwhelming—that you’re minimalists
who’ve stripped down your needs to whatever you can fit in your
pockets. So for next week’s show and tell, we want to see what you’re packing in your pockets. Photo by janerc.

you’re interested in submitting your pocket goodies for next Thursday’s
Show Us What’s In Your Pockets gallery, here’s what to do:

  1. Take a picture of the contents of your pockets:
    Empty out your pockets and lay everything out for everyone to see, and
    then take a photograph. We only want one picture per entry, so please
    get everything you want to show off in one shot.
  2. Write up a description of the contents of your pockets: The more detail you provide, the better. Let us know what your tools are, where you got your great wallet, etc.
  3. Send your picture and description to us: Compose an email to lh.showandtell at gmail.com with the subject title Show us Your What’s In Your Pockets, attach your photograph, and enter your description in the body of the email.

Be sure to give us plenty of details regarding how you whittled down
your pocket contents and what makes each item so important. We’re
looking forward to pocket lint this upcoming Thursday, so try to get
your submission in before Wednesday.

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