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Video Mash-Up


Welcome to the washingtonpost.com Video Mash-Up, where
our readers have the opportunity to create their own interview clips
opposite Post political reporter Dana Milbank. We provide the
questions, you provide the answers!

First, download the MPEG2 video clip you see playing at
the top of this page, using the “Download Clip” button below. Using
your own editing software, cut it up any way you like and splice in
your own video, according to the rules below. Then attach your finished
mash-up clip to an e-mail and send it to the address below.

In a few weeks washingtonpost.com will post all videos
submitted that meet the requirements below and will give viewers the
opportunity to comment and rate the videos. That’s not a deadline,
though — we’ll keep posting new videos if we keep getting them from

The Rules:

1. Submissions must be in Quicktime (.mov) or Windows
Media (.wmv) format and no more than three (3) minutes in length. You
do not have to include all of the Dana Milbank clip we have provided,
but your submission must include at least a part of it.

2. Submissions will be disqualified if they violate
copyright or are determined to be offensive, threatening, defamatory or
libelous. You must have full rights to any material you include in your

3. Submitters must provide contact information (name
plus e-mail or phone number). No e-mail addresses or phone numbers will
be published.

Right-click (on PCs) or option-click (on Mac) below to save the clip:


Submit your finished video here, SendVideo@washingtonpost.com. By submitting a video, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the submission agreement here.
You must include your name and an e-mail address or phone number where
you can be reached. Only your name will be posted along with your
video; your contact information will not be published.