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join.me Free Screen Sharing will Rock Your Class

It seems that every week I tried a new piece of software to use for sharing my screen so that my learners could see the details of Adobe packages without having to “imagine” them from afar.  LogMeIn released join.me and this one one has become a game changer for the Integrated Media classrooms where I teach. It is simple, fast, and the students love watching the demo up close.  Movies don’t start as quick on their screens, and this affects me in Animation class using Flash, and rendering with Premiere Pro in Podcasting, otherwise, it really makes an impact and is extremely simple to learn and use.

The article which started me was from the NYTimes:

Published: October 22, 2010
Once again, LogMeIn has decided to encroach on the turf of giants like Cisco, Microsoft and I.B.M. by giving away its software.


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