Circuit Simulator

LushProjects Circuit Simulator

This electronic circuit simulator is highly interactive giving the feeling of playing with real components. It’s very helpful for experimentation and visualization. Best of all, thanks to the power of HTML5, no plug-ins are required! The original implementation, in Java, belongs toPaul Falstad who kindly gave his permission for me to build this port.


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Here are the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 –  the results of the 6th Annual Learning Tools Survey – as voted for by 582 learning professionals worldwide, and compiled by the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. (Released 1 October 2012)

“A learning tool is a tool to create or deliver learning content/solutions for others, or a tool for your own personal or professional learning.”


Below is a summary of the Top 100 Tools 2012 and where the Top 100 Tools are mainly being used – ie for Personal/Professional learning/productivity, in Education and/or in the Enterprise (for training, performance support and/or team collaboration). (Please note that the absence of a checkmark in a column does not mean that the tool is not, cannot or should not be used for that purpose!)

since 2011 





Edu Ent
 =  1 Twitter Social network & micro-blogging service x  x
 =  2 YouTube Video-sharing site x  x
 = 3 Google Docs/Drive Office suite and data storage service  x  x  (x)
UP 11 4 Google Search Web search engine x
= 5 WordPress Blogging/website tool x  x x
 = 6 Dropbox File synchronization  x x  (x)
 DOWN 3 7 Skype Text and voice chat tool x x (x)
UP 11 8 PowerPoint Presentation software x  x  x
 UP 5 9 Facebook Social network x  x
 UP 1 10 Wikipedia Collaborative encyclopaedia x (x)
 DOWN 1 11 Moodle Course management system x  (x)
UP 5 12 Evernote Note-taking tool x
 DOWN 4 13 Slideshare Presentation hosting site x  x
DOWN 7 14 Prezi Presentation software  x x
DOWN 3 15 Blogger/Blogspot Blogging tool  x  x
= 16 Google Reader RSS Reader  x
UP 9 17 Google+ / Hangouts Social network/video meetings  x x
 DOWN 5 18 Diigo Social bookmarking/ annotation tool x x
 UP 23 19 Word Word processing software x x x
 UP 11 20 Yammer Private social networking engine (x) x x
 DOWN 11 21 Glogster EDU Interactive poster tool x
 = 22 Edmodo Educational social learning network platform x
DOWN 2 23 LinkedIn Professional social network  x  x
 UP 9 24 Scoopit Curation software  x  x
 UP 5 25 TED Talks/Ed Inspirational tools/lessons  x  x
DOWN 8 26 Jing Screencasting tool x x  x
 DOWN 7 27 Gmail Web mail  x (x)  (x)
 = 28 Camtasia Screencasting tool x  x
 = 29 Audacity Audio recorder/editing tool  x  x  x
 DOWN 7 30 Wikispaces Wiki hosting platform  x x
 DOWN 6 31 Voicethread Digital storytelling platform x
 UP 27 32 Adobe Connect Web conferencing software  x
UP 10 33 Google Sites Web/wiki hosting platform  x  x  (x)
 UP 10 34 iPad and apps Apple tablet and apps x x  x
UP 10 35 Google Chrome Web browser x
 NEW 36 Pinterest Virtual pinboard x  x
 UP 9 37 Articulate E-learning authoring software  x  x
 = 38 Google Maps Interactive maps x x  x
DOWN 12 39 Animoto Video creation software x x
DOWN 3 40 Tweetdeck Social media dashboard x
UP 32 41 Hootsuite Social media dashboard x
 UP 5 42 Snagit Screen capture software x x x
 UP 5 43 Adobe Captivate E-Learning authoring software x x
 UP 20 44 Livebinders Digital organizer x x
UP 20 45 SharePoint Collaboration platform (x)  x
UP 6 46 Mindmeister Mindmapping software x x
 UP 19 47 iTunes and iTunesU Audio/video player / course distribution platform x  x
DOWN 24 48 Delicious Social bookmarking tool  x x
UP 20  49 Outlook Email client  x x x
 UP 10 50 Blackboard Collaborate
(previously Elluminate)
Web conferencing software x
 UP 23 51 SurveyMonkey Survey software  x  x  x
 BACK 52 Google Scholar Search engine for scholarly works x (x)
BACK 53 Adobe Photoshop Photo editing software  x x
BACK 54 WebEx Web conferencing software  x
DOWN 20 55 Google Apps Branded Google apps x x x
UP 18 56 Khan Academy Video learning platform x  x
NEW 57 Google Translate Online language translator x
UP 24 58 Quizlet Flashcards & study games x
 DOWN 3 59 Scribd Document sharing site x  x
DOWN 24 60 Flickr Photo sharing site  x x
NEW 61 Flipboard Social magazine for iPad etc  x
 NEW 62 Bing Web search engine x
 DOWN 6 63 Ning Community platform x x x
DOWN 13 64 Screenr Screencasting tool x x x
BACK 65 Firefox and addons  Web browser x
 NEW 66 Instapaper Read it later tool x
 UP 2 67 Udutu Collaborative course authoring x x
 BACK 68 MovieMaker Movie authoring tool x  x
 BACK 69 Mindjet (prev Mindmanager) Mindmapping tool x
 UP 12 70 Kindle E-book reader x
UP 29 71 OneNote Note-taking software  x
DOWN 18 72 Wallwisher (now Padlet) Online noticeboard  x
NEW 73 Zite Social magazine for iPad x
 DOWN 19 74 iPhone and apps Apple smartphone and apps  x x x
 UP 7 75 Poll Everywhere Live audience polling  x  x x
 UP 14 76 Pocket (prev Read it Later) Read it later software x
DOWN 3 77 Edublogs Educational blogging platform  x  x
 DOWN 29 78 Vimeo Video sharing site x x
DOWN 40 79 Wordle Word cloud generator x  x
DOWN 39 80 Symbaloo (and Edu) Visual bookmarking dashboard x x
= 81 Excel Spreadsheet software x  x
 UP 8 82 Curation tool x
 DOWN 15 83 Lino Sticky note service x x
 DOWN 44 84 Voki Speaking avatars  x
UP 5 85 Buddypress Social engine (WordPress plugin) x x
 DOWN 28 86 eFront Course/Learning Management System  x x
DOWN 26  87 OpenOffice Office software x  x
 DOWN 54 88 PB Works Wiki software x
NEW 89 Learnist Pinning learning sites x x
NEW 90 MentorMob Create Learning Playlists  x  x
DOWN 24 91 Mahara ePortfolio/social networking platform  x
 NEW 92 Doodle Event scheduling  x  x
 BACK 93 Keynote Presentation software x  (x)
DOWN 6 94 Android phones and tablets Devices using Google mobile operating system  x  x
 DOWN 6 95 Blackboard Course management system  x
 BACK 96 Tumblr Micro-blogging platform x
NEW 97 Quora Q&A platform  x
NEW 98 Windows Skydrive File synchronization  x
 NEW 99 Popplet Online noticeboard x x
 DOWN 6 100 iMovie Video creation software  x x

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