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A Lifelong Learner Shares Thoughts About Education

More education opens the gateway to better, higher-paying jobs

This recent article from The Atlantic summarizes a paper from the Hamilton Project

An individual with only a high school diploma is twice as likely to make less than $40,000 per year than someone with a college degree.

An individual with a college degree is nearly nine times more likely to make over $100,000 than someone with only a high school diploma and 13 times more likely to make more than $200,000 per year

Take at look at the actual article for much more information; howver, the graphs really spoke to me, especially the second one.

Even if the returns from a college degree are not rising as fast as they used to, higher education is still a more worthwhile investment than, well, just about any other investment.

Quick conclusion from the left end of the graph: 80% of individuals making less than $10,000 didn't finish college. Quick conclusion from the right end: 80% of those making more than $150,000 did finish college.


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