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Build Wind Farms and Create Profitable, Clean Energy

On Teachers First I found a new game that is timely given that in Oregon wind power exceeded Hydro power for a day only a few weeks ago for the first time. 

Play Windfall by Persuasive Games

Try this strategy activity for building wind farms and creating profitable, clean energy. Learn about clean energy while having fun. Research locations for great wind conditions and find suitable places near residential areas by looking at land values and political consequences. As turbines are built, they are connected to the energy grid where energy can be sold for renewable energy credits. There are three levels to the game. (Each level uses a different region.) See the tutorial for extra help.
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In the Classroom

Try this challenge through the link on the site or embed the game in a class wiki. As part of a unit on the environment or energy, use this activity to discuss what needs to be considered for any energy creation and specifically for wind energy. Discuss what was learned by the game and whether these facts are also true for other energy sources. Then, compare and contrast the costs and issues with each of these different energy sources. Use an online tool such as Interactive Two Circle Venn Diagram (reviewed here) to visualize the comparisons.