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Does Common Core Ask Too Much of Kindergarten Readers?


I wonder if anyone in this discussion finds it as sad as I do.  Having recently read the research on age development of boys in “Boys Adrift”, I recognize that the final straw that will keep young men from being successful is the “all day” kindergarten [mislabeled to avoid search engines].  Proponents argue it will help students from struggling population groups achieve success.  Such nonsense, that every student can keep up with the few who are getting it at this age.  But is is more fun than trying to deal with 2nd and 3rd grade.  Full Day Kindergarten is mission accomplished, despite being a long term strategic error. 

The proponents indicate that kindergarten should not be a joyless grind of reading and meeting standards.  But the exams exist and the teacher is marked on not only doing the common core but also proving they are doing the common core.  Everything these days is not merely doing the work but looking just exactly like everyone else doing it.  In the rush of the school year, who has time to think and reflect when more and more time is being taken up doing more and more (yes, I read the article on Finland and doing less) things in a classroom to demonstrate more and more. 

If you are having this discussion, turn off “that” news channel, put down your phone, go outside and breathe the free air.  And let your brain guide you where your heart is already.


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