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  • Magic Tools for Game Development

    A list of game development resources to make magic happen. Created by awesome people for awesome people. This awesome collection is also available on Game-Development.ZEEF.com

  • Useful Google Docs Add-On

    Clipboard by Diigo for Google Docs The Clipboard Add-On by Diigo is useful for writers. The tool streamlines the editing process by providing users with a sidebar clipboard for managing content. The content on the clipboard is accessible from any Google Doc. The tool helps users  collect and manage content, and use it again when…

  • Life Lessons To Learn From Programming

    Everything important that you need to know about living a successful life, you can get from a computer program. Don’t believe me? Read on. This post originally appeared on MakeUseOf and LifeHacker Flow Charts Simplify Everything Many programmers start out using flow charts long before they ever start writing a single line of code. The…

  • Note Taking Upgrade

    I only took the one class this summer and it was a lot of fun.  I was nominated to give a class this Fall to a conference and will try to be able to be there.  The focus of that talk is to be using Technology to Teach Technology.  A subset of the overall issues…