The Moodle 2.1 Administration Map

Moodle 2.1 is here and now… so is the Moodle 2.1 Administration Map!  Such was the success of the original version we couldn’t go without updating the map to include the new features of 2.1, most notably the addition of Mobile devices.  Click on the image below to download an A4 version of the map.


We were delighted to hear how useful it has proved in the past and hope that continues.

If you are interested in reading Alex’s account of how he arrived at this novel interpretation of Moodle 2 Administration (and it is worth a read) you can do so by visiting the original post (click here).


Embed Common Core Standards on Moodle

MasterConnect has a widget to fit everyone and with Standards being required, sometimes it is helpful to have them at your fingertips, check out their phone apps. And sometimes it is useful to have them on your site. See below:

What I am actually using on Moodle is the Widget to pull in from the side. See it on my Moodle at


“Moodle” Official Music Video

Remember when the students would only post on Facebook, these rock!


Convert Your Quiz to Moodle

This is an online converter that allows you quickly create quizzes and glossaries from textfiles by generating Moodle XML. Unlike GIFT format our converter is absolutely human-readable. Large numbers of questions and glossary entries can be easily created with a minimum of effort.


Teaching and Learning with Moodle

From by Helen Foster – Friday, 19 March 2010, 09:39 PM

I’m pleased to announce a new course on – Teaching and Learning with Moodle!

According to Tomaz Lasic, Moodle HQ’s Education Researcher, in his welcome message,

The main aims of the space are to:

  • provide a clear, synthesised and relatively gentle ‘intro to Moodle’ to new users in education and training environments
  • serve as an organised point for great ideas and resources for new and experienced users alike
  • become a generator and repository of Moodle-related (in)formal research in the use and design of Moodle

Be sure to check out Moodle recipes for educators – a community cookbook! for ideas on using Moodle in education, and feel free to add your own!