Five Ways Students See Technology in School

From @TeachThought The term “technology” is vague. In the right context, an arrowhead on the edge of a spear is technology. How learners view technology is often very different than how educators see it–the former often seeing it in terms of social function, the latter in terms of logistics and teaching. The following infographic explores data […]

OpenCourseWare on Teaching with Technology

Technology and Learning Find out why technology is such a draw for educators and how we learn from non-human tools. Blogs, Wikis, New Media for Learning: This course will show you how blogs and other new media are optimal teaching tools. [Utah State] Computer Games and Simulations for Investigation and Education: This class will teach […]

Videos for Technological and Media Literacy

80+ Videos for Tech. & Media Literacy Over the past few years, this person has been collecting interesting Internet videos that would be appropriate for lessons and presentations, or personal research, related to technological and media literacy. Here are 70+ videos organized into various sub-categories. These videos are of varying quality, cross several genres, and […]