Mozilla Webmaker And The Hour of Code

As part of the effort for the Hour of Code, we’ve compiled some great Webmaker resources that only take about an hour to complete — and can help get you started on a path towards becoming a maker and innovator on the web.

Young Rewired State NYC

More than 3.5 million people have already signed up to participate. Below are a few great Webmaker projects to get you started. Select an activity, and then spend an hour or so learning some HTML, CSS and Javascript. And be sure to share your final makes using the#hourofcode and #webmaker hashtags.

  1. Make an Animated Poem — by the National Writing Project. Write your own poem or remix someone else’s. Then make it come to life with Javascript animations.
  2. Hack a Holiday Card — by Kim Wilkens. Remix a holiday postcard online, then build an interactive, magic snow predictor using new Javascript skills. Educators can also use this helpful teaching kit.
  3. Rainy Day — by Cynthia Ng. Thunderstorm or sunshower? Customize your own drizzly scene.
  4. Make a To-Do List Web App — by Pomax. Book flight. Ship presents. Bake a pie. Make an HTML5 To-Do List Web App!
  5. Make a Map App — by David Humphrey. Where in the world is Webmaker? Make an interactive web map app using the Leaflet.js JavaScript library.
  6. Cory Doctorow’s Mood Room — by Alan Levine. Use Photoshop and a jQuery plugin to create your own web-based mood ring. Read more about this project.
  7. Create a simple game – by William Duyck. Build a web version of TicTacToe using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Your move!

Visit for more starter makes or find more Hour of Code tutorials.
MakerParty @ Bhopal

Starter resources that teach the web!

These quick and easy activities can be remixed on your own, at events and in teaching kits and other materials.

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Building a generation of webmakers

Mozilla Webmaker wants to help you make something amazing on the web. With TOOLS, PROJECTS and EVENTS that help you create, learn and connect. Our goal: move millions of people from using the web to actively making the web. Creating a new generation of webmakers, and a more web literate world.

Join the Summer Code Party

This summer, we’re inviting everyone to join us to meet up, make something cool, and learn how the code behind the web works. It’s called the Summer Code Party, and it starts June 23.

Mozilla is joining with dozens of other organizations to make this happen. Want to make a prettier template for your blog? Or level up your latest YouTube video? Or just learn a bit of HTML? We’ll have tools, tutorials, and activites to help.