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About ScribbleLive which I am considering using next year comes this:

ScribbleLive is the next gen of live blogging and it’s happening right now. Broadcasters, publishers, educators, corporations, social groups, writers, students, bloggers and individuals are becoming instant publishers in three simple steps.

Create. Invite. Blog.

Logging in is a snap. We seamlessly integrate with your Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live, MSN, Hotmail, Flickr and OpenID accounts so you don’t have to fuss with yet another user ID and password. Since there is no need to install software or learn a complicated interface, you can create your event in seconds. Just give it a name and off you go! Next, send out an invitation to your friends to help you cover the full story. They instantly become your team of writers, photographers and editors and ScribbleLive ensures you’re all on the same page, live-to-screen.

In seconds, your posts hit the page and what’s more, each of you is able to edit your text instantly. No delays. Just type freely, knowing you have the ability to edit as you go, never needing to backtrack on words misspelled.

Watch and Learn.

If you’re not a live-blogger at heart, but want in on all the action, you can watch a live event unfold by participating as an audience member. Bloggers love an audience!

ScribbleLive features popular events on its homepage so you can experience what the world has to offer and see what people have to say about it. No need to login, just watch it happen in real time.

Laugh Out Loud.

Ever heard of the two-screen experience? It’s fun! Watch your favourite TV show and get your friends to ScribbleLive with you online. Gossip about the characters, post videos and photos and suddenly, no matter where you happen to be, your friends are sharing this enriched media experience right there with you.

If you’re a student, ScribbleLive will work well within the context of a lecture hall. Bring your laptop to class, get your study group online with you and you could be ahead of the game by looking up references made, sharing information and ultimately, creating your study notes for your finals.

The Real Deal.

ScribbleLive is not a chat line; this is a collaborative, real time journaling of events as they unfold.

Its easy to use, you have instant access, the posts appear in seconds without the need to reload, you can edit instantly, you have unlimited users that can watch the event and its totally new!

ScribbleLive. Create. Invite. Blog