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Web Designer: Formal Degree or Self Taught

I think the current efforts and direction are doomed to fail to serve the learner.  This article crossed Feedly an hour ago at lunch and I am using it in my Advanced Web Design class in 5 minutes.  Without curating current material and integrating it “Just In Time” into teaching practices, will engagement flourish, will students watch us learn, will they read?

If you glance at the infographic below, won’t they. 

This is not the school of today.  What learning target does this meet?  Was that learning target scheduled for today?  Do I have an assessment scheduled for this target?  Is it appropriate?  Am I providing it to the student?  Have I entered the learning target and the assessment into a grade book?  Will it impact the grade, and if so how? 

Which benefits the learner, which will get them to dream, to chase, to persevere?  Of course I do both.  But in today’s environment, a teacher cannot do this.  I have a different background and an edge.

Bells went off, time to publish and walk over and use this.